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Our Past and Present Customers

American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC)

AMSC ( is a NASDAQ listed company headquartered in Ayer, MA, US. It provides megawatt-scaled solutions for electric power utilities worldwide. One of its products is D-VAR® STATCOM system.

Simulo Technologies was contracted in April 2018 to facilitate the setup of a factory acceptance test. It is a hardware-in-the-loop test of STATCOM controllers. Two STATCOMs are simulated on a RTDS simulator in small time steps with a significant AC system of about 70 buses. The physical controllers are interfaced to the RTDS. Simulo helped to improve the numerical stability of the CHIL setup, and to convert a PSCAD case into RSCAD and used equivalents to fit the case on two racks of RTDS simulators (4 GPC cards in each rack).

Dr. Yu at AMSC


Customer Testimonial

"We were asked to include close-loop testing of STATCOM controllers during the factory acceptance tests and we were given a PSCAD case to be used in the tests. It was hard for us to convert the PSCAD case and to make it work on our small RTDS simulators in time for the tests. One of our consultants recommended Dr. Yu of Simulo Technologies Inc. for the job. Dr. Yu came and worked at our lab for one week and a few extra days afterwards.

We were impressed by his technical expertise in power system simulation and his professionalism. He offered his advices on several simulation issues before arriving. He worked long hours and helped us improve the hardware interface and numerical stability of the small time step simulation. Most of all, he made several system equivalents using FDNE and other methods to fit two STATCOMs in small time steps, some controls in large time steps and the entire AC system with 70 buses onto our two racks of RTDS simulators with processors left which can be used for adding wind farms to the test case in the future. We got excellent steady states and transient simulation results compared with PSCAD. We completed the factory acceptance tests on schedule with great success, and Dr. Yu’s work was instrumental in helping us get where we are today."

Bilgehan Donmez

Network Planning & Applications


Manitoba Hydro International (MHI)

RTDS Technologies Inc. (RTDS)